• Academic education in biology, psychology, linguistics and pedagogy
  • Dr rer nat (PhD) in biophysics / neurophysiology
  • Professional experience in biotechnology and as head of unit in a federal state school ministry
  • Teacher at a technical vocational college for applied informatics, project management and communication
  • Temporarily honorary university lecturer for Analytical Philosophy of Biology and Psychology and for School Pedagogy
  • Until beginning of the year 2023 Manager and Product Owner R&D of a software company specializing in semantic services and AI

CV, Work Certificate, Assessment
for download as a complete PDF document.



Dr rer nat Ulrich Michael Leinhos-Heinke (PhD)

Welcome to my personal website!

Feel free to get in contact to me:

Mail: Ulrich at Leinhos-Heinke.de

I am happy to offer my wide-ranging experience & skills (see detailed CV, Work Certificate & Assessment) as a kind of Senior Advisor wherever they are valued (paid or honorary):

Vocational teaching, teachers teaching, coaching of teams & individuals, conflict solving, moderating, mediating, communication training, project management, competence management, legal issues and more.

More websites

Former personal site 1996-2018 (German)

From 1996 until 2018 I operated continuously my own website, in particular for professional purposes as teacher and lecturer. The site is not updated any more. You still find access here, if you need information or documents of this site.

Brain-Mind-Blog.de (new, under construction)

To follow my ongoing interests in the Analytical Philosophy of Mind including Philosophy of Biology and Psychology, I started my personal “Brain-Mind-Blog” , which will be my “private” project for the next years (it is still at the very beginning!).


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