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Organization of Neural Networks

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Von Seelen, W. / Shaw, G. / Leinhos. U. M. (eds.):
Organization of Neural Networks. Structures and Models. Weinheim 1988



Decoding the way brains function is one of the great scientific challenges of our time, requiring the cooperation of scientists from a great variety of disciplines. A key role is played by theoretical neuroscience, which uses methods from diverse scientific fields in order to develop formal concepts on the strategies applied by brains in processing information. Knowledge on the implementation of intelligent behavior in living systems, which autonomously produce purposeful behavior, is of great significance for basic research in the natural sciences as well as for technical applications in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence.

This volume contains papers on the theoretical analysis and modeling of brain functions, mainly of higher vertebrates. Furthermore, reviews, which provide the necessary background information on the models described, are given so as to allow a larger circle of readers insight into theoretical neuroscience. An introductory article facilitates classification of the contributions for the reader less familiar with this fascinating scientific discipline. A "summary statement" sketches a scientific-historical map of theoretical neuroscience, assigning each author of a paper to a "site" and describing future trends of development of this discipline.


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